Recording with digital technology you will benefit from the best interfaces for an audio quality of most powerful; in a relaxed and cordial environment you will profit technicians who have more than 20 years of experiment in the field of the recording and the realization, that it is for pop music, Rock, Classique, Jazz, publicity, narrations or all others, we will be able to fill all your waitings and all your styles for your productions.

We use technology Steinberg (Nuendo 3.2) and Focusrite for the recordings and other interfaces for the edition (plugins), we also offer to make your musical arrangements, and the masterisation of your productions, take time to come to meet us to discuss your projects and to visit the recording Studio DemoClic you will be able to note by yourself the quality of recording and our know-how.Nuendo 4.0, Sound Forge 7.0, T-rack, etc.

Micros (Rode, Shure, Apex, AKG, SHURE etc.)
Casques écouteurs ( Audio-Technica, Koss, Sony)
1 Guitare (Classique Yamaha)
1 Guitare acoustique (pick up actif) (Yamaha)
1 Piano (stage Piano touche-marteau) Roland FA-08, 88 notes 1 Nord Electro 3 batterie Yamaha10 pieces

X32 Berhinger compact console et carte de son 16 entrées simultanée, 2 moniteur de studio ProSonus ERIS E-8
Amplis à Casques Berhinger,
Et plus Instruments VST de haute Gamme comme : The Grand 2, SonicSyth, AmpliTube, DX7, EZ Drummer, Reason, Organ B4, VST Orchestral,

And much much more…










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